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Battery Input Voltage: 24 – 48VDC Nominal, (60VDC max)
Under voltage cutback: 16 VDC
Over voltage shutdown: 55 VDC
Field Current Limit: 30A
Operating Frequency: 18kHz
Contactor (Solenoid) drive current: 2A max

Control voltage range 12 – 60 VDC @ 15mA max:
  • Key Switch Input
  • Throttle Inputs
  • Reverse Mode Inputs
Reverse Horn Output: 50mA sinking max (Active Low = Horn ON)
Standby Current (Power Up): < 35mA

Throttle Inputs available (Factory Programmed):
  • ITS (inductive)
Operating Temperature: -25C to 75C, 95C shutdown
Field Excitation Map (Factory Programmed)

Adapter Circuits: See Product Page - Golf Car Adapters
NCX STOCK or OEM Products for
SHUNT Wound [Separately Excited]
Electric Motors
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Model number breakdown, for example the { NCX300-DCS } is broken down as:
  • NCX - Family name
  • 300 - First three digits = amperage, = 300 Amp model
  • xxx-DCS - "Option Identifiers" = Throttle Setting for Factory programming of DCS car,
      (xxx-PDS is the Power Drive System programming)
NCX SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                   
The NCX product line are Non-Programmable Controllers used with motors.  
These units are designed specifically for factory equipped golf cars.

Customers demanded higher quality after-market replacement with a
warranty  instead of "REBUILT USED Controllers".  Alltrax stepped up and
designed a NEW product with a NEW warranty, the
NCX Non-Programmable
.  A cost effective solution to replace your aging or damaged
stock controller without buying a "rebuilt controller".

Features include:
  • Factory Programmed (These are not field programmable by the
  • Integrated anodized heat-sink with multi bolt pattern for flexibility
  • Fully encapsulated epoxy fill - environmentally rugged design
  • Advanced MOSFET power transistor design for excellent efficiency
    and power transfer
  • 1/2 Speed reverse
  • Reverse Beeper Output
Model Size
6.5" Short
Battery Voltage
Current Limit (Peak)
300 Amp
2 Min Rating
250 Amp
1 Hour Rating
125 Amp
Voltage Drop(*) @100Amp
PRODUCT MODEL BREAKDOWN                                                                     
PRODUCT FEATURES                                                                                    
Did you know?
>  The ALLTRAX the NCX
work with OEM factory

Using this controller on a
"performance motor"
designed for Speed or
Torque will cause a failure
and void the warranty.
HeatSink SHORT 6.5
Did you know?
>  Shunt wound motors
have the Field and
Armature coils connected

The NCX provides the
Separately Excited Field
current and Armature
current in relation to a Field
Excitation map particular to
the motor manufacturers
design requirements.  

Verify the motor is stock
before installing the NCX.  
If the motor is modified,
the DCX product must be
Heatsink LONG 8.5
Note:  The controllers has one current output level, the mechanical drawings are shown below.
>The NCX300 replace the Curtis 1204 short heat sink at 6.5" in length (165.1mm)
page for a dealer near you.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly and
we can help you!
PRODUCT STOCK WIRING CONNECTIONS                                                     
LED STATUS INDICATOR                                                                                
NCX Wiring Diagram:
An example of the inputs and outputs are shown.  Click on the image to
enlarge.  This diagram is also shown on the NCX Mini-Manual
The LED located on the front of the unit provides status of the units operation
and used for troubleshooting.

The LED Blink Codes occur at power up, the number of green blinks indicates
the throttle configuration:
  • 4 Green LED flashes = EZ-GO inductive (ITS)

Normal display status:      
  • Solid Green: Controller ready to run
  • Solid Red: Controller in programming mode (not for field use)
  • Solid Yellow:  Controller throttle is wide open, controller is supplying
    max output, and is not in current limit.

Trouble Shooting:
Error code display:# of RED blinks    indicates any error conditions that might

1 Red  =  Throttle Position Sensor Over Range.  Check for open wires.
2 Red  =  Under Temperature.  Controller below -25C
3 Red  =  HPD.  Throttle hasn't gone to zero during this power on cycle.
4 Red  =  Over Temperature.  Controller over 95C
5 Red  =  Open Field
7 Red  =  Battery Over Voltage detected.  Battery V > over voltage slider
Click on image to enlarge
(large file size)
NCX Product are for Factory Motors Only:

These units  are designed for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) stock
replacement controllers for stock cars with
stock motors only. With a peak
current rating they are not designed for lifted or high performance vehicles.  
The design follows the motor manufacturers current and power

For a
high performance controller application - Please order our DCX motor
. The NCX controllers are not field programmable and must be
ordered for the exact car you are installing them in.  (DCS or PDS only)
Applications Please
Goto our DCX Web Page

Document Depot
For more information see our
Document Depot:
Uses standard 9 pin wire harness.  Plug the stock wire harness onto
the pins on the front of the controller.
Uses our PDXA harness (included):
Connect the 10 pin and two 4 pin connectors to the matching connectors
on the stock wire  harness.

Note: The 4 pin motor speed connector from the motor is not used in this
Fits under the Stock Cover!