Interface Wire Adapters for Vehicles
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> Interface Wiring Adapters
motor controller products.  Changing to alternative controller and different
PDS, DCS, and the Yamaha G19.

Most Alltrax Controllers are compatible with these wire harnesses using an
adapter board that changes the wire pin outs from the vehicles wire
harness connector to match the controllers functional pin outs.

These adapters offer a flexible wire solution to customers who wish to
choose an alternative, a higher performance controller such as the Alltrax
Motor Controllers.  When ordering, make sure you have the make and
model of your car so the proper adapter ships with your order.  These
adapters are available through Alltrax direct, or through the Alltrax Dealer,
distributor, and Master Distributor networks.

  • PDS - Precision Drive System, E-Z-Go 1996 & Newer
  • IQ - Intelligent Quantum Drive, Club Car 2001 to present
  • PD Plus - Power Drive Plus, Club Car Regen 2, mid 1997-2001
  • Yamaha - G19
  • DCS - Drive Control System (Adapter not Required, plugs directly
    onto DCX Controller using DCS program)
INTERFACE ADAPTERS                                                                       
10 Pin Connector to DCX Controller
PDS Interface Wire Adapter
DCX with IQ Adapter
DCX with PD Plus Interface Adapter
DCX with Yamaha G19 Interface Adapter
DCX with PDS Interface
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PDS - Precision Drive System for E-Z-Go 1996 and
Newer with Regen
IQ - Intelligent Quantum Drive for Club Car (2001 to

When ordering, the Field Excitation Map and Adapter
are included.
PD Plus - Power Drive Plus for Club Car Regen 2
When ordering, the Field Excitation Map and adapter,
and installation kit are included.

>CAUTION This kit does NOT work with Regen 1 cars
(Power Drive) made in 1995 to mid 1997<
Yamaha G19
When ordering, the Field Excitation Map, Adapter, and
installation kit are included.

This kit requires some re-wiring, instructions are
DCS - Drive Control System for E-Z-Go 1995 and older

When ordering, the unit is programmed for the proper
Field Excitation Map for that platform.  No Adapter is
required as the car connector plugs directly onto the
DCX Connects Direct to DCS wire harness
Need help choosing the correct one?  Contact our Customer Service or
Document Depots: "Application & Cross Reference Guides"

Alternatively, send an email to:
Go To Document Depot
For more information, please see Document Depot for drawings and
installation guides.
Charts located in Charts
located in Document
Depot.Document Depot.
Did you know?
>  Some OEM fleets built
two different versions of
cars in the same year?

Use the cross reference
charts to properly
identify which car you
may have.  This may save
time in ordering the right
controller for your
application.  When in
doubt, call our customer
support Hot Line.
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